how to, training program, fitness)

how to, training program, fitness)

How To Training Program Fitness

It is advisable that you start a fitness program under the guidance of an instructor. They always know things about the three stages (as well as the exercises that should be done and how to coordinate your movements and specific cases that can occur during a training.

Three stages to achieve wellness: how to, training program, fitness. As a beginner, the first thing you must achieve in training is to learn he correct motions in exercises and to get your body accustomed to sustained physical efforts. Any training session begins with a proper warm-up. For a warm-up I personally prefer 10 minutes on the treadmill, added with a proper warming up of the joints.

During training you work on the leg muscles, the pectorals and the back with basic exercises to create a solid foundation of muscle. I recommend 2 - 3 exercises for every muscle group, 2 - 3 sets of 12 - 15 reps for each exercise separately. Training ends with 1 - 2 exercises for abdominal muscles and the required amount of stretching. In the beginning, the weights can be small or medium, or you could even work without weights.

This type of training is done on the course of 4-6 weeks. I recommend three training sessions a week, a day of rest between them for the body to recover completely. After this period, change the training system, depending on your goals. These goals are: weight loss, muscle mass or just staying in shape.

If exercises are performed correctly and the pause between series is not very long, training must not exceed 60 minutes. It needs to be kept in mind that what matters is the quality of training and not a prolonged stay in the fitness gym. You do not go to the gym to have something to tell your friends. You go to the gym and work out so that you can stay in shape!

We can alternate fitness with aerobics classes, which are more exciting and more energetic. To participate in an hour of step aerobics or cardio or latin aerobics dance choreography is something very pleasant and not at all boring. In addition, diet is an important element in training, whether our goal is weight loss or muscle toning. Diet must be part of the program and its neglect can have negative effects on the final result.

A workout must never be seen as a negative experience one day after it is finished. Sometimes it is safe to protect muscles, especially if you are coming back after a longer break. What matters is that the muscle soreness does not scare us, since it is only a normal reaction of the body after effort, and you should continue to get exercise. Getting exercise should be a pleasure! Our body needs movement to work optimally.