MxSecure, Inc., Provider of Transcription Services to Healthcare Clinics, Unites with Health Care Notification Network to Deliver Urgent Patient Safet - Articles & News About Health

MxSecure, Inc., Provider of Transcription Services to Healthcare Clinics, Unites with Health Care Notification Network to Deliver Urgent Patient Safet - Articles & News About Health

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MxSecure, Inc., Provider of Transcription Services to Healthcare Clinics, Unites with Health Care Notification Network to Deliver Urgent Patient Safet

Scottsdale, AZ, (PR WEB) September 30, 2008 - MxSecure, Inc., the nation''s leading provider of medical transcription services ( to healthcare clinics, today announced that they have teamed with the Health Care Notification Network (HCNN) to deliver electronically urgent patient safety alerts to their clients. MxSecure clients will have access to the HCNN''s medication recalls, warnings and national public health emergencies.

"As a supporter of secure electronic delivery of patient information we are delighted to partner with the Health Care Notification Network ( in revolutionizing the patient messaging alert system," said Colin Christie, Chief Executive Officer, MxSecure, Inc. "Now thousands of health care providers in the more than 600 medical facilities we serve nationwide will have free online access to important patient safety alerts. In addition to notifications on medication recalls and health warnings, physicians will reduce their liability and improve patient care. We are happy to support the Health Care Notification Network in this tremendous effort to improve patient safety."

"Adding MxSecure to our growing list of partners brings us closer to our goal of having every physician subscribe to the HCNN by year''s end," explained Nancy Dickey, MD, former AMA president and chair of the iHealth Alliance, the not-for-profit board that governs the new HCNN service. "We encourage all U.S. physicians to take two minutes and enroll today at Physicians and their patients will realize immediate benefit."

In addition to working with MxSecure to notify physicians of this system, the HCNN has partnered with U.S. medical society leaders, liability carriers, health plans, consumer advocacy groups, and government leaders to reach more than 250,000 physicians electronically. MxSecure clients will be able to enroll in the HCNN program through their medical transcription software and document management system, MxTranscribe EHR?.

The HCNN is the new online service that delivers important patient safety alerts that are product-related and mandated by the FDA, to physicians and other healthcare professionals via email. Currently, these alerts (also known as "Dear Doctor letters") are sent to physicians on paper via traditional U.S. mail-a slow, error-prone process. The HCNN may also be used to notify physicians in the event of national public health emergencies or bio-terror events. The network is governed by the not-for-profit iHealth alliance with network operations provided by Medem, Inc. For more information please visit:

MxSecure ( is the nation''s leading provider of medical transcription services ( in the healthcare clinic market - serving thousands of health care providers in over 600 medical facilities nationwide in family medicine and all major specialties. The company''s digital medical transcription and electronic document management system - MxTranscribe EHR? ( - includes Internet-based access to files 24/7; online review and editing; single and dual electronic signature; key word search capabilities; distribution options of routing to network printers, faxing or secure e-mail; and detailed management reporting tools. MxTranscribe EHR? is fully scalable to multiple clinic locations with no capital outlay required. MxSecure clients include physician and group practices, community health centers and multi-state, multi-specialty clinics. For more information see

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